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Review: Fjort – D’accord

I finally bought “D’accord”, the new album by german harcore/ screamo outfit Fjort, on vinyl. It’s on clear vinyl, which is not my favourite vinyl version (calling it colour would be ill-fitting), but anyway. The production value is excellent and the cover art really nice, even though I can’t manage to link it to the lyrics.

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Sleepwave release a nice new video

Sleepwave have released a video for “The Wolf”, a song of their upcoming debut album “Broken Compass”.  Former Underoath singer Spencer is one of the tow core band members and shows his impressive abilities as a singer in the video. “Broken Compass” will be released in mid-September. We’ll see how the mixture of electro, hardcore, and noisey

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Interview: Hexis

  As I’ve said before: you need to check out Hexis. The danish band is touring extensively this year, so there’s a good chance to have them play a venue close to your home. If you’re into focused, intense live shows combined with excellent black metal, Hexis is your band. I’ve talked with shouter Filip,

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Spotlight: Deafheaven

Yes, they are totally en vogue. Yes, they appear to be extremely focused and maybe a tad weird. But still, “Sunbather” is a hell of a black metal album. Deafheaven worked harded to reach the status they have nowadays, no doubt about that. One can hardly blame them for the interest they got by mainstream

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