Review: Sun Worship – Elder Giants

Review: Sun Worship – Elder Giants

Sun Worship are a succesful black metal outfit from Berlin… well, when one thinks in underground scales. Their “Elder Giants” album sees a repress on vinyl, this time on white vinyl and with the same fantastic production value that the first press offered.


Let’s get to the music, shall we? It’s easy to dismiss Sun Worship due to their origin from Berlin and the fact that they’re relatively secretive about their members and all that. This might be smell like typical hipsterian black metal to some internet heroes, but “Elder Giants” and the upcoming gigs should prove all naysayers wrong: Sun Worship is a talented black metal band who deliver a stunning piece of black metal art with their album. It contains only four songs, but since these clock in around ten minutes each, it’s all fine. Sun Worship have a good grasp on atmospheric, yet aggressive, black metal. It’s all there: fast parts, harsh vocals, a not-too-powerful production, and smart use of repetitions in their songs. Wolves In The Throne Room and early Darkthrone show their influences in the songs, but yet Sun Worship manage to be more than second rate clone. In fact, the black metal they offer on “Elder Giants” is on par with material by established bands and nothing to sneeze on.

The last track is a highly interesting ambient/ drone song, which takes the listener to new experiences, so to say.


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