You need to check out “The Distortion of Sound”!

You need to check out “The Distortion of Sound”!

“The Times They Are a-Changin'”. Indeed. Our lives, our lifestlye, our ways to think, consume, and communicate have been altered with the rise of the internet. Add to that the rise of smartphones and constant internet access (let’s face it, the average reader of this blog is online 24/7) and one can only begin to think about the ramifications it has on our daily lives.

Our way to experience and to listen to music has been influenced by the developments of the last ten+ years as well. It may be polemic, but the younger the kids, the worse they can listen to music. I mean, how long does one actually listen to  a new album or even a new song, before ones deciedes “like or not”? Add to that the fact that most music is available for free, meaning that the average fan doesn’t have to give an album a second or third chance when there a plenty more albums to find and listen. Listen, right…. Anyways, “The Distortion of Sound” is a documentary that deals with all that: our ways to listen to music and what it meant to sound quality at all.

Check it out!


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