Let’s talk about Hexis

Let’s talk about Hexis

Running a band, no matter the genre, is a work of passion in 99% of the cases. Most bands never make money, but commit time, money, and energy into it. And add weekly rehearsal, practising at home, and the ocassional show in a stinky, filthy basement club for thirty drunken youths. Clock it up to eleven and you have Hexis, a danish black metal collective who decided to spend 2014 on the road. These guys are playing usually 20-minutes sets with only stroboscope and fog. It’s an intensive, mindblowing experience – and definitely for a only small fraction of metalheads and hardcore kids in any given ciy. This makes Hexis a role model of passionate musicians who spend their mid to late twenties in stinky vans and basement clubs.

Check their latest album “Abalam” on bandcamp and support them, they deserve it.



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