Spotlight: Deafheaven

Spotlight: Deafheaven

Yes, they are totally en vogue. Yes, they appear to be extremely focused and maybe a tad weird. But still, “Sunbather” is a hell of a black metal album. Deafheaven worked harded to reach the status they have nowadays, no doubt about that. One can hardly blame them for the interest they got by mainstream media, while many other black metal bands of similar quality remain stuck in the underground. Deafheaven’s interest in releasing extreme music can be witnessed in their latest album, “Sunbather”: what could have become a very different kind of album – if the band would have wanted to prove their artistic freedom and creativity – proves to be a heavy-hitting black metal record.

Now a new song has been released via soundcloud:

Plus a six minutes video from their performance at Pitchfork Fest is online too:

Add that to the intense experience that “Sunbather” offers and you will discard 99% of this year’s black metal released as whimpy shit. Promise.

No worries, you’re not alone with that.

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