Harms Way give vinyl the love it deserves

Harms Way give vinyl the love it deserves

Harms Way gave their vicious “Posthuman” record the love it deserves by releasing in several stunning vinyl versions.

Vinyl sales are up, which means that every new records sees a vinyl release. But most of them are boring one-colour treatments, with the occasional special version added to the mix. It’s rare that a record is released in different multi-colour versions. Reason enough to support Harms Way and their dedication to vinyl by purchasing “Posthuman” in one, two, or three different versions, don’t you think.

The guys are touring Europe later this year, by the way. Don’t sleep on this!

26.08.18 Belgium Antwerp Kavka * w/o Renounced

27.08.18 UK London Upsurge Festival

28.08.18 France Paris Le Gibus

29.08.18 Germany Wiesbaden Schlachthof

30.08.18 Netherlands Arnhem Willemeen

31.08.18 Germany Krefeld Summer Madness

01.09.18 Germany Chemnitz AJZ

02.09.18 Germany Berlin Musik & Frieden

03.09.18 Poland Poznan Pod Minogą

04.09.18 Hungary Budapest Dürer Kert

05.09.18 Germany München Backstage

06.09.18 Switzerland Zürich Dynamo

07.09.18 Germany Zwiesel Juz

08.09.18 Germany Stuttgart Juha West

09.09.18 Germany Hannover Mephisto

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