Check out the debut album of the danish black metal project Myrkur

Check out the debut album of the danish black metal project Myrkur

Myrkur, hailing from Denmark, raised a lot of attention with the release of their debut EP via Relapse Records last year.
Ok, that’s not 100% accurate. Myrkur is in fact only one woman, a classic one-man-show so to say. Her music combines raw black metal with an eerie soundscape. Sort of like Vikings meet Elves.

The upcoming debut full-length “M” has been produced by Garm of Ulver and proves that Myrkur works over the duration of an album too. Recorded with the help of several veteran black metal musicians from Norway – in several locations and studios in Oslo – “M” is a true masterwork of intense, strangely beautiful and beautifully strange music. A piece of art, one might say.

To me Myrkur shows that music is art – a fact we often forget these days. Music has become the product of marketing strategies – resulting in an importance of image over music -, cool merchandise, and predictable yet easy-listening songs. Myrkur reminds me that music shoulnd’t be like that. Music needs to be a work of compassion, creativity, and having a vision.

Here’s an impression of the debut EP – YouTube won’t play videos of the new album…

Myrkur – Nattens Barn on MUZU.TV.

Check out “M” and order a physical copy. Support interesting music!

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