Beartooth reveal another new song of “Disease”

Beartooth reveal another new song of “Disease”

… and it leaves me cold. 

Don’t get me wrong, “You Never Know” is a well-written song, but it doesn’t click. It doesn’t feel like a proper Beartooth song – and maybe the flaw can be found in the way it was written: 

“You Never Know” is a song that I wrote with Drew Fulk (aka WZRD BLD). It was the first song we wrote together, we wrote it about 40 minutes, “ says Caleb. “We just went and got coffee and talked about things going on in our lives and our mental states at the time and just sort of came to a common ground and the song just rolled out from there. It’s a jammer, play it loud!”

I’m still looking forward to “Disease”, since its predecessors had their share of slightly above average songs too. 

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