Empowerment deliver an important statement with their new video

Empowerment deliver an important statement with their new video

We live in troubled times. We live in fucked-up times. I wonder how history will look back – and judge – on the early 21st century, but it can’t be with positive thoughts. We, the wealthy states of the northern hemisphere, don’t give a fuck about the rest of the world and try to built borders in the vain attempt to secure our wealth. Right-wing politicians, outright facists, and racists are getting more and more space for their fucked up messages – messages which are shared by an too large part of european citizens. 

We need bands like Empowerment who still stand against facism, racism, and all the other -isms which we need to get rid of. Too many hardcore bands don’t have a message or at least an opinion about politics. Fashion before passion might be their motto, so fuck them. Support bands with a clear message, bands with an attidude. Support Empowerment. 




Pre-order “Bengalo” on vinyl!  


Stuttgart’s Finest will be on tour in autumn, don’t sleep on that!

02.10.2018 GER-Stuttgart, Goldmarks – “Bengalo” Release Show
03.10.2018 GER-Berlin, Cassiopeia
05.10.2018 GER-Hamburg, Gängeviertel
06.10.2018 GER-Untererthal, Stäbruch Festival
26.10.2018 GER-Backnang, Juz
27.10.2018 GER-Hannover, UJZ Korn
10.11.2018 GER-Karlsruhe, P8
23.11.2018 GER-Freiburg, Kiez 57
27.12.2018 GER-Nürnberg, Z-Bau
28.12.2018 GER-Düsseldorf, AK47
30.12.2018 GER-Dresden, Chemiefabrik

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