Review: Doodswens – Lichtvrees

Review: Doodswens – Lichtvrees

I don’t like one-man-projects. Most lack depth and skill, both in songwriting (which often times profits from a collaborative effort) and execution. So I don’t bother to check out new projects created by single mind.

Two-person-bands are a different matter, though. Mighty Mantar proves that two dudes can create a sonic slaughterfest par excellence. I thus gave Doodswens a chance once I got aware of their first record and picked it up on vinyl (the band has changed since “Lichtvrees” and transformed into a four-piece).

Doodswens deliver a solid piece of raw black metal. The duo hits all buttons, from darkness to despair over doom… you get the idea. Most songs are straight forward rager (“In Mijn Bloed”) with a few dare I say nicer parts and songs (“Zwarte Staar”) hiding in the tracklist.

The production is, no suprise here, trve: pummelig guitars a bit in the background and harsh vocals setting the highlights. The drumsound is supringsingly beefy, which I usually love, but in this case has the tendency to drown the other elements.

“Lichtvrees” is a solid records, especially when taken into account that just two creative minds where involved and that it’s a debut record. It has it lengths and sometimes the two dudettes play it too safe, but it’s a solid piece of black metal nontheless.

The vinyl version of “Lichtvrees” stays trve to the core of black metal: plain black vinyl.

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