I still don’t know what to think of “How the Gods Chill” by Cold World

I still don’t know what to think of “How the Gods Chill” by Cold World

So, Cold World. I’ve seen them on their short Germany tour a few years ago, where they laid waste to every venue. “Dedicated to Babies Who Came Feet First” is a smasher of an album, no doubt about that. But I can’t get the hype around the band. I mean, their songs are intense, but their shows were memorable because of the crowds and moshpits and not because of the band’s action on stage.

Fast forward a few years: the new Cold World-album with the extremely cool title “How the Gods Chill” is about to be released. Listening to the songs on bandcamp left me with mixed feelings and a general “I am not impressed” mood. But their performance at Ieper Hardcore Fest [a festival report will come soon, promise] proved that Cold World are a heavy-hitting live band, even though they still seem to be… interesting… personalites. Anyways, the new songs didn’t kick me like the old ones, so is it just me or did Cold World switched album and live qualities? Dunno. Maybe “How the Gods Chill” just needs a few plays more…


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