Tour recommendations: December 2019

Tour recommendations: December 2019

As a reminder to myself (and to interested readers) and as way to sharpen negativeblack’s approach to music, I’ve decided to cover every month with recommendations of interesting tour, one-off shows, and festivals. Great idea? We’ll see how this turns out.

December holds two interesting packages: Knocked Loose and support, who already sold out venues in advance, and Brutality Will Prevail supported by swedish heavy hitters Mass Worship and Dagger Threat, Hamburg Hardcore.

Knocked Loose released their stunning, blasting “A Different Shade Of Blue” (reminder to myself: get that review done) a couple months ago. They have been touring hard of that record in the US and now end their year by playing a string of shows in Europe. I don’t care much for Malevolence and Justice For The Damned as their support bands, but am half-way excited to finally see Renounced live. They and Knocked Loose are still on my “attend a show of” bucket list. Can’t wait to cross them both off of it and get two heavy hitting live bands at one evening.

I’ll attend their show at Hamburg, which is a Sunday matinee – no better way to end the weekend!

The second tour recommendation included a trio of band which all are on said bucket list: Brutality Will Prevail (who I never paid much attention to), Mass Worship, and Dagger Threat. In the case of the latter band, it’s kind of a shame that I’ve never came around to attend one of their shows, as they’re totally into the 1-hour-drive-radius for shows. Shame on me!

Mass Worship will deliver a hell of a show, I’m sure of that. They did so during their Anchor times, they did so during their short-lived City Keys times, and they will do this time too.

I’ll attend their show at Hamburg, which will provide additional excitement, since I’ve never been at Bahnhof Pauli before. Fun times ahed!

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