This blog started with the intention to write about everything that is of interest to the staff. It turned out soon that photography is a major topic for all of us, especially live footage from hardcore, metal, and punk shows. Expect extensive picture galleries from shows!

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We love music. Even though we're mostly into hard and heavy music, we're not limiting negativeblack to any kind of genre - any music we like will be featured here.
We prefer vinyl and will begin to focus on reviews of vinyls (including tons of pictures) soon, but if we can get an interesting album as download onlly, we will it write about it nontheless.

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The third pillar of negativeblack is art. Art as everything that can't be fit into the photography or music section of our blog. We are likely to focus on artwork of albums, but may talk about movies, tv shows, and anything else that is art.

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Interview: Hexis

  As I’ve said before: you need to check out Hexis. The danish band is touring extensively this year, so there’s a good chance to have them play a venue close to your home. If you’re into focused, intense live shows combined with excellent black metal, Hexis is your band. I’ve talked with shouter Filip,

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Spotlight: Deafheaven

Yes, they are totally en vogue. Yes, they appear to be extremely focused and maybe a tad weird. But still, “Sunbather” is a hell of a black metal album. Deafheaven worked harded to reach the status they have nowadays, no doubt about that. One can hardly blame them for the interest they got by mainstream

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Review: Ancst – In Turmoil

It would be easy to dismiss Ancst as another hipsterian black metal band: they’re hailing from Berlin, they don’t look like your run-off-the-mill black metal dudes, and they’ve formed in 2011, when black metal got somewhat trendy and hip. But who cares? “In Turmoil” has great songs on it, even though it contains a mixture

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Let’s talk about Hexis

Running a band, no matter the genre, is a work of passion in 99% of the cases. Most bands never make money, but commit time, money, and energy into it. And add weekly rehearsal, practising at home, and the ocassional show in a stinky, filthy basement club for thirty drunken youths. Clock it up to eleven

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