This blog started with the intention to write about everything that is of interest to the staff. It turned out soon that photography is a major topic for all of us, especially live footage from hardcore, metal, and punk shows. Expect extensive picture galleries from shows!

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We love music. Even though we're mostly into hard and heavy music, we're not limiting negativeblack to any kind of genre - any music we like will be featured here.
We prefer vinyl and will begin to focus on reviews of vinyls (including tons of pictures) soon, but if we can get an interesting album as download onlly, we will it write about it nontheless.

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The third pillar of negativeblack is art. Art as everything that can't be fit into the photography or music section of our blog. We are likely to focus on artwork of albums, but may talk about movies, tv shows, and anything else that is art.

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Talking about dedication…

This is truly amazing! This is why music, and underground music in particular, is still appealing to people.     PSSGS – s/t EP 5 EUR When I think back FUNERAL DINER were one of those bands that got everything started. You get across something you’ve never heard before and are just amazed. Now, ten

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Review: Fjort – D’accord

I finally bought “D’accord”, the new album by german harcore/ screamo outfit Fjort, on vinyl. It’s on clear vinyl, which is not my favourite vinyl version (calling it colour would be ill-fitting), but anyway. The production value is excellent and the cover art really nice, even though I can’t manage to link it to the lyrics.

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Sleepwave release a nice new video

Sleepwave have released a video for “The Wolf”, a song of their upcoming debut album “Broken Compass”.  Former Underoath singer Spencer is one of the tow core band members and shows his impressive abilities as a singer in the video. “Broken Compass” will be released in mid-September. We’ll see how the mixture of electro, hardcore, and noisey

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