Heaven Shall Burn return to With Full Force in 2020

Heaven Shall Burn return to With Full Force in 2020

I’ve attented With Full Force Festival more than 15 times since 1998 and I have tons of stories, memories, and impressions stored in my mind (and on several hard drives and websites). Heaven Shall Burn certainly can say the same about the festival in their ‘hood. Remember the insanely huge circle pit in the early 2000s or the total devasting storm during their 2012 set. Both festival and band evolved over the years.

Heaven Shall Burn announced a creative break a couple years ago. Seems like their passion for heavy music led them to take a break from taking a break – and now they’re obviously are writing new music and feel the desire to get back on the big stages. Even though I didn’t dig their laters albums, I’m excited to see them perform at With Full Force!

Time flies, this one is from 2006.
And this has reached 10+ years. The fuck!

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